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With a game plan, we can get more specific about how to…


With a game plan, we can get more specific about how to…


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Kera Young

The Systemcenter,
Sales & Marketing Manager

I swear she is the secret sauce to getting you your dream job and pay!


Curtis Crispin

Prime Trust,
Director of Institutional Sales

I often think back during the year of 2020 and talking to Mel about joining her course was one of the highlights of my year.


Lily Leib

Enterprise Partnerships

Melanie was extremely helpful throughout my job search process…


Jordyn Leib

Assistant Fashion Director

Using her exact verbiage recommendations, I was able to get 3k more than my original offer!



Marisa Rothman

Associate Marking Manager

I learned how to network and then leverage my connections to be able to find the right job fit for me.


Alex Rushin

Account Executive

By working and preparing with Melanie, I increased my salary by $10,000!


Melissa Ruthann

Sales at Green Mustache

If it wasn't for this course, I would have wasted countless hours submitting resumes that would have NEVER been seen!



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