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Get Hired Course Curriculum Breakdown

Group One | Foundation & Discovery

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Everything you need before you begin your job search...

Chapter 01 | Online Presence | All-star kickass online profiles & SEO techniques.

Chapter 02 | Baseline Resume & Cover Letter | A properly written resume and cover letter.

Chapter 03 | Energy Is Currency | Understanding your energy source as monetary value. 

+ The Group One Worksheet

+ Co-founder Melanie's Resume

+ Cover Letter Sample

+ Cover Letter Outline

Group Two | Organization & Strategy

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Set yourself up to be set  apart so you can begin networking the right way.

Chapter 04 | Choose Your Companies | Hand pick the companies you want to work for. 

Chapter 05 | Prioritize Outreach | A unique system to maximize your results.

Chapter 06 | The Source | This document will set you apart. 

+ The Group Two Worksheet

+ The Source Excel Document

Group Three | Networking & Outreach

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Learn how to reach out and get that referral.

Chapter 07 | Networking Tools & Channels | Where are your people? 

Chapter 08 | Messaging | Exactly what to say and how to say it. 

Chapter 09 | The Call | A formula to get what you want over the phone.

+ The Group Three Worksheet

Group Four | The Closing

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 Prepare for your perfect presentation & delivery.

Chapter 10 | Customize Your Resume | Tailor your resume for a specific company or role.

Chapter 11 | Interview Prep | Googling interview questions isn’t going to cut it. 

Chapter 12 | Salary Negotiation | 4 things you need to know.

+ The Group Four Worksheet

+ Interview Index Card Templates

+ Practice Interview Questions by Industry

+ Resume Template Library

+ Cover Letter Template Library

+ Presentation Library

Kera Young

The Systemcenter, Sales and Marketing Manager

I swear she is the secret sauce to getting you your dream job and pay!

Curtis Crispin

Prime Trust,
Director of Institutional Sales

I often think back during the year of 2020 and talking to Mel about joining her course was one of the highlights of my year.

Lily Leib

Enterprise Partnerships

Melanie was extremely helpful throughout my job search process…

Jordyn Leib

Assistant Fashion Director

Using her exact verbiage recommendations, I was able to get 3k more than my original offer!

Marisa Rothman

Associate Marking Manager

I learned how to network and then leverage my connections to be able to find the right job fit for me.

Alex Rushin

Account Executive

By working and preparing with Melanie, I increased my salary by $10,000!

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • An organized strategy for landing your dream job
  • A template for every career conversation you’ll encounter
  • A resume and cover letter that will impress any hiring manager
  • An interview at the job you want without every applying online
  • And finally…the salary you deserve to be making
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"Ok. So what do I do?"

"Taking the Going Places course was the best decision I could have made in my job search and networking journey.”

— Gabrielle Goloubow
FAANG Company, Treasury Analyst

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